My Guru

Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar

Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar began his initial training in Tabla under Late Ustad Babalal Islampurkar. Then he became a disciple of Ustad Amir Hussain Khan (Doyen of Farrukhabad Gharana) and took advanced training for 14 years till Khansaheb's death. Later he trained under Ustad Ahmedjan Thirakhawa (3 years) and Ustad Ata Hussain Khan of Rampur (3 years).

A living legend, Pandit Arvind Mulgaonkar is classed among the most renowned contemporary Tabla Maestros. He has piously preserved the traditional elegance of Tabla repertoire. Born in 1937, Pandit Mulgaonkar has not only devoted his life to learning, mastering and preserving this treasure of rare Tabla compositions but has also handed it down most generously to the next generation.

He has participated in a number of Music Conferences giving solo performances and accompaniment to eminent artistes all over the country. Some of the vocalists include:

- Late Pandit Krishnarao Shankar Pandit
- Late Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki
- Late Pandit Ramesh Nadkarni
- Late Pandit C. R. Vyas
- Late Pandit Laxmanprasad Jaipurwale
- Late Smt. Nirmaladevi
- Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
- Pandit Sharad Sathe
- Pandit Jal Balaporia
- Pandit Ajay Pohankar
- Pandit Satyasheel Deshpande

He has also given a number of Lecture – Demonstrations throughout India and abroad.

Solo concerts, lec-dems and workshops on tabla:

- USA: NJ, Manhattan, Detroit, San Diego , San hose, San Francisco, Cupertino, Richmond, etc.
- Switzerland: Freienstein, Küttigen, Zurich
- Mauritius

He has been imparting advanced training to a number of students on the basis of 'Guru- Shishya Parampara' for the last forty-three years.